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Equipo 1 - Peten - Howard
  1. Proyecto: Joshua
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Maria Z Equipo 3 - Peten - UMG 
Proyecto: Collector Kab Ya'ax
Hashtag: #PetenKabUMG - Alcance 26 tweets - 
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  • (La gente del departamento de Petén está más relacionada con las redes sociales, por ende, en Facebook es donde tenemos mayor actividad pública)
Maria Z Representante: Remon Girard - remongirard@outlook.com 
Remon Colaboradores/mentores: Edson Barrios; Roberto Carlos González Vásquez.
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Equipo 4 - UVG
Maria Z Hashtag: #IcyDangerAhead Alcance 7 tweets 
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Julio A Reto:  Sea Ice App
Julio A Representante: Julio Ayala  - aya12362@uvg.edu.gt - @aya_julio - 40492105
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CESAR M CESAR ESTUARDO GUERRA MENDEZ - gue12593@uvg.edu.gt - @cech7 - 30359588 
PABLO JAVIER SANCHEZ DIAZ - san12148@uvg.edu.gt - @pablo8421 - 59184064
ERNESTO IVAN SOLIS RUANO  - sol12286@uvg.edu.gt - @ernestoivan22 - 54341107
KEVIN ALEXANDER AVENDAÑO TARACENA - ave12151@uvg.edu.gt - No twitter - 30373812
Equipo 5 USAC
Brandon S  Proyecto: Rescue The Earth
Hashtag: #GlobalClimate 28 tweets 
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Elmer R Representante: Elmer Real, elmerreal@hotmail.com, cel:30665017,@memit0o0o
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Brandon A Brandon Antony Chitay Coutiño, antonchitay@gmail.com, cel: 47519761, @BAnthonC
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Colaboradores/mentores: Edson Barrios; Roberto Carlos González Vásquez.
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Eliu L Equipo 13 USAC
Jose Miguel Villatoro, sk8.miguel.villatoro@gmail.com, 34314985, @sk8_mig,   
Jose Eliu Lacam Perez, eliu.lacan@gmail.com, 31585307, @CyberJelp2008,  
Jose Rodrigo Merida Giron, jrodrigomg@protonmail.ch, @joc_rodrigo, 
Carlos Augusto Bautista Salguero, carlos.bautista2008@gmail.com, 32526740, @CharlySalguero
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Some of the key themes that we heard from you:
  • Datanauts should be on the cutting edge.
  • There is a desire to be leaders in shaping how data science is used for positive good. Lead the conversation and demonstrate how data science is being used to improve the world.
  • Increasing the number of women who know about and engagewith NASA data is valuable and requires work. 
  • Any effort should support the work the women are already doing with complementary tasks/activities/treasure chests. 
  • There is a desire to have data and data science more accessible -through development of more tools and and communicating the  value of diverse range of skills and knowledge needed to engaged with data.
  • Communication and sharing of inspirational stories is important and desired for framing what is possible and encouraging trailblazing. Even better if we can be a part of these story creations and sharing. 
  • Community is important. Being a part of a community that is doing cutting edge meaningful work in a collaborative way is critical. Building off of each other, partnering and supporting. Not competing and not replicating work that is already being done.
  • In person engagements are appreciated and facilitate accelerated/expanded networks, strengthened relationships and increased collaboration.
So what does this mean for how we move forward? 
We are focused now on creating specific entry points (opportunities) to:
  • Encourage new data problem-solvers (with initial focus on women), 
  • Advance the data science “manifesto,” 
  • Build/enhance the data innovation community of practice,
  • Enable people to leapfrog into new skills, and 
  • Create breakthrough innovations.
Based on the inputs we had in DC, and through subsequent conversations with many of you, we have developed five potential pathways (we are currently calling them ‘tracks’) to advance those particular goals. These pathways include a State of Data manifesto, Online and In-person engagements around data, a chance to shape the Datanaut selection process or help set up a Data Innovation Wiki. We’ve set up a google doc for each track so that you can jump in and engage, adding resources or giving feedback. (There is a sixth document in case you review the tracks and come up with other ideas!) We need your help - please feel free to jump into the conversation on any or all of these tracks. What’s interesting to you and the people in your network? What helps you to advance the goals you have (professionally and personally)? 
Track 1: Strategy of Data Science (and Datanauts) 
Objectives for the State of Data track:
#1 Encourage new data problem-solvers
#2 Advance the data science “manifesto” 
#3 Build/enhance the data innovation community of practice
The State of Data track offers Datanauts the chance to contribute to a community manifesto on the State of Data Science. This effort is a collaborative conversation to define, influence, and shape the current state of Data, particularly data science for public good. 
Questions to consider:
  • What is the initial definition to chew on -- Hilary Mason’s definition
  • How could a manifesto be used to signal to the public what data science is for public good?
  • What would make this most credible (i.e. other adopters/signatories)? 
  • Can we put it on a cubesat?? Or have it written on a Dove? 
  • Criteria for Datanauts - what is valuable for a future datanaut 
  • Code of Conduct
  • Set the tone - responsible for making this successful 
  • Jennifer: Key because this sets the framework for who we are, what we want to achieve. A manifesto is powerful in that we write it and make it a cornerstone 
  • Beth: have to be very sure to make people feel special… while being clearly inclusive 
  • Jennifer: once we get this crafted can we get a sign off on it? Beth: might not be an official sign off… but that’s not required (and sometimes can hold it back) < add to the ROI discussion 
  • “Can we help NASA understand how they can best support us” (as the Datanaut community)
Sprint questions: 
  • Why do this? Why is any articulation of “state of data” useful? 
  • Leslie - I usually hear about data from a hackathon perspective - it’s brought up once someone wants to make a specific thing or application
  • Beth (speaking for Hilary) - “the definition of data science is degrading.” as new providers and companies come up, they are doing what they can monetize - but not what the heart is. < so enabling the community to maintain that purity of vision. “the flag on the moon.” 
  • Leslie - I was googling right before this, and everything I saw was moneymaking 
  • Beth - I have a struggle with that, because being paid for good analytics and good data science isn’t bad. If we define it differently, we can point back to it. “How do datanauts benefit by having a pure definition in your back pocket of what data science is?” 
  • “The job of the data scientist is to ask the right questions,” Mason explains. “If I ask a question like ‘how many clicks did this link get?’ which is something we look at all the time, that’s not a data science question. It’s an analytics question. If I ask a question like, ‘based on the previous history of links on this publisher’s site, can I predict how many people from France will read this in the next three hours?,’ that’s more of a data science question.”
  • Jennifer - Ask everyone “what does Data Science mean to you” and then we can synthesize those things.
  • Sasha - this is less the definition of data science, but more a vision statement of what data sharing and openness can be for agencies. What’s the so-what? 
  • Leslie - That inspires me to have an ever-changing manifesto - a word cloud that’s “the so what” 
  • Initial responses
  • Drawing connections on the planet -- to see what the issues are 
  • NASA becoming not just the scientists in the building - but being all the people getting value from the data - becoming something a little bit bigger than they currently are
  • Beth’s question - What is data science to you? What does it do for us? (Max’s book - Thinking with Data
  • Helps to show how things relate 
  • Showing connections and making sense of information
  • Unintended insights - learning to ask better questions - a learned skill 
  •  Multiple people looking at data enables them to connect. 
  • Making existing things smarter. Adds on intelligence - allows you to know things you didn’t know before 
  • Layer of granularity - look at a number of people clicking on your page, but you can’t look at individual people usually. But data science gives you improved specificity 
  • More visibility
  • Positive in terms of layers of data (for good) 
  • Strategy is about getting from the current state to the desired future state. Can we flesh out some of these? 
  • Current state:
  • Desired future state 
  • The practices widely accepted and competencies assumed in Silicon Valley are equally engaged in government
  • Extensibility - come as you are, diverse perspectives are valued (aside from degrees)
  • Community to be representative and inclusive 
  • Accessibility
  • friendly to women
  • wide range of technical skills?
  • How does data science relate to coding? Are we interrogating the data? 
  • Also need to hack data visualization - what’s the next-dimension form of that? 
  • How can we use this team to begin to vision cast? 
  • If we ask people to define data science, is that doable? 
Track 2: Virtual engagement
Objectives for the Online Engagement track:
#1 Encourage new data problem-solvers
#3 Build/enhance the data innovation community of practice
#4 Leapfrog into new skills
#5 Create breakthrough innovations
The online engagement track offers Datanauts the chance to connect with NASA data online. That engagement could address regular data mini-challenges, evaluating tools or projects, or visualizing data.  
Questions to consider: 
  • Do we need to break it out into different levels/issues? (i.e. beginner or intermediate/advanced)
  • Leslie: could we have things that you can unlock in the datasets? Like on Wii fit when there are better and more advanced exercises as they go forward 
  • Varied approaches for varied levels/approaches and interests. 
  • Want to be sure that we serve content to the datanauts. It could be a standard “what do you want and how do you want it.” 
  • Need some bite-sized pieces - give people some small wins 
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